Bridesmaid bouquet


Bridesmades bouquet styles can be found on our Pinterest board. Check out our simple 3 steps process.

Detailed description and requirements below.


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About the bouquet

While we try to make all your dreams come true, please keep in mind the following specifications:

1- the size: bridesmaids bouquets contain less flowers than a bride’s bouquet. To have a better idea of a bridesmaid’s bouquet size, please visit our Pinterest board.

2- seasonal flowers: we do our best to find the flowers that you want but some flowers are highly seasonal and they can’t be found at other times of the year. For example, peonies are available during the summer, tulips in the spring, anemones in the winter…

If you place your order less than 15 days ahead, we may not be able to find the exact flowers you are looking for, even seasonal flowers.


About the pickup

Bouquets are made every morning. You can pickup your bouquet from 12pm onwards. If you need to pickup your bouquet earlier, please let us know so that we can arrange our planning.


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