How does it work ?

Finding the perfect flower shop in Paris for your wedding bouquet can be daunting. This is why we have made it very easy for you! In just three steps, you can choose your bouquet style and have it delivered in Paris on your wedding day.


Step 1

Order online

In our shop, we propose three products: bridal bouquet, groom’s buttonniere and bridesmaid’s bouquet. When you order a bridal bouquet for example, you don’t choose the type of bouquet from a catalogue, you just order a bouquet that will be designed later on based on the inspirational pictures that you will provide our team of talented flower artists.


Step 2

Finding your bouquets and buttonniere styles

You don’t need to browse through an outdated catalogue, find your perfect wedding bouquet online and just send us a link or a picture. Our flower artists will then create your very own bouquet based on your wishes and the flowers in season.


Some frequently asked questions:

How big can my bouquet be?

We make regular sized bouquets (for example, all the bouquets in our Pinterest board are regular-size). If you wish to order a very large bouquet or a cascading bouquet, please get in touch with us for a specific quote.

Can I send a list of flowers that I don’t want?

Yes. Actually, any information you may want to give us is most welcome! Colors you like or dislike, flowers that you really hope we can find…

We do our best to create the closest match to the picture you send us. We get our flowers from the international market in Paris and have access to a very large variety of flowers. However, if the flowers that you are hoping for are not in season, we may not be able to find them. In this case, we do our best to respect the style and feel of the bouquet you’ve sent us.

How early do I need to place my order?

You can book your bouquet as early as possible. Sometimes, getting the bouquet style early allows us to order or import some specific flowers.



Step 3

Pick-Up and Delivery

If you choose the pickup option, you can pickup your bouquet on your wedding day between 12pm and 3pm (information and directions to our pick-up rendez-vous). The delivery option costs 15€ and applies to Paris city center only (the zipcode must start with 75). The time and place of the delivery are determined well in advance via email.

If you have any questions, please write us!

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