3 reasons to order your Paris wedding bouquet online

order-paris-wedding-bouquet-onlinePlanning to get married in Paris? Here are 3 reasons why you should order your wedding bouquet online and get delivered in Paris.

#1 No need to go strolling

If you haven’t ordered your wedding bouquet beforehand, you will probably spend the day before your wedding looking for a decent flower shop in Paris. Save yourself the trouble of a long walk and a possible disappointment by setting all the details in advance. Our unique 3 steps process gives you the best conditions to choose your bouquet style and order it from your home country.

#2 You can get your dream bouquet

A flower shop usually only has a selection in store. When you order your wedding bouquet ahead of time, your flower artist can buy some specific flowers just for you. All you need to do is surf on the web to find your ideal wedding bouquet and send some pictures. Your team of talented flower artists will then create a close match and of course let you know of any seasonal incompatibilities (peonies in September or Tulips in June). In such a case, you will receive suggestions for alternate flowers to use.

#3 Je ne parle pas français

In Paris, people speak in French. This is magnifique, but it can also make communication difficult. Our team speaks fluent English and will make this part of your wedding planning so much easier!

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